Berhard Schulte Shipmanagement


April 20, 2017


Leaflets & Brochures

About This Project

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) is an integrated maritime solutions leader, with a strong heritage spanning more than 130 years in the shipping industry, and trusted as a partner by responsible and demanding customers worldwide.

Bernhard Schulte manages a fleet of 600 vessels, with 20,000 employees, 23 service centres and 5 maritime training centres world wide.

Puzzle Designs was commissioned with developing a corporate brochure for Berhard Schulte. Working in conjunction with Bernhard Schulte staff, we:

  • Developed the graphic design to emphasize corporate colours and logo
  • Determined the text content and placement
  • Implemented three rounds of design drafting.
  • Finalised the design and contracted printing of 20,000 copies

For further information on our brochure design and printing services in Cyprus, please contact us